How To Stream Games Online

Let’s Plays on YouTube have become less and less popular thanks to the new trend, streaming games live. Live streaming a game is a lot different from uploading a video that you prerecorded. For one thing, the live streaming requires no editing work. This makes the reactions and the choices you make seem more real and believable, which is why many people prefer to watch live streams over lets plays.

Anybody can start to livestream if they have the right routers for streaming. It’s much easier than creating videos in the traditional way. You won’t have any postproduction work to do and you only need a few basic things. Many live streamers don’t show their faces and instead only provide audio commentary, but you can use a face cam if you choose to. Not having to use a face cam saves a lot of money. Don’t use the built-in camera that most laptops and computers have. The quality on these usually aren’t that great and people would rather listen to audio commentary than look at grainy footage.

Instead use your money to invest in the two most crucial things. Firstly, you’ll need the right router. Nobody is going to watch your livestream if it keeps lagging due to a weak internet connection. Secondly, you’ll need good sound equipment. A microphone is something you’ll have to splurge on if you intend to become a professional live streamer for a big audience. Ask yourself if YOU would stick around to watch a livestream where you can barely hear anything that is being said. No? Neither will your audience.

Once you have your router and your microphone, you’re good to go. If you do want to add a face cam, buy a high-quality camera and makes sure your face isn’t too close or too far from the camera when streaming.